Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Social/ Anti-Social Media?

As a woman used to using her hands for a living, I have recently exercised my brain - and what a work out its had! - trying to be liked on Facebook, endorsed on LinkedIn, Favourited on Twitter and heaven only knows what on Google+!  So "why?" you may ask.

Back in 1991 I launched my new business.  I did so by placing adverts in the newspapers and touring the circuit delivering talks to local groups such as the WI.   It was very successful. So much so that word-of-mouth carried me through the next couple of decades.

Now, my daughter has gone to university, I have more time.  Time to take on new customers and time to learn how to use Social Media in order to attract them.

It has been a mind-boggling exercise.  So much more involved than I had ever imagined.  It all seemed so easy! I mean, teenagers use social media all the time and they seem barely able to co-ordinate a hand-to-mouth movement!

Not only that but the very topic seems to ignite very strong reactions all round.  From those, well-versed in the art of social media there is a feint air of incredulity that I am so woefully ignorant.  From others, and I quote "I am not a footballer or a footballer's wife, so I have no need of Twitter.  I am not a teenager so have no use for Facebook and I haven't even heard of the rest!" They seem quite affronted that I would see them as "those sort of people"!

The lovely and very patient Janet Bebb of Social  says it is simply the modern equivalent of walking into a room and introducing yourself.  I know how to do that! It involves eye contact, body language, a smile and a handshake.

Using this medium needed a lot of help. The wonderful Helen J Bray to take my portrait so I didn't look gruesome, Terry Savage from Savage Advertising Services Ltd  to tell me what to say and how to say it and I would've been lost without Jon Burdon from Branch Out Websites to guide me through how to present myself!  Has it all been worthwhile?

I realise that this is the modern world and certainly acknowledge its worth but how do you read a person's body language over the internet? How about a mixture of both -"like" me on Facebook then come over and shake my hand?

What do you think?

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